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suppositories and tablets

for vaginal menorrhagia and excessive postpartum bleeding.


Raviset®, intra vaginal suppositories and tablets, represent a breakthrough in the treatment of

menorrhagia and excessive postpartum bleeding. This innovative drug has therapeutic properties

that no other drug offers for unmet needs. Raviset® shortens the bleeding period, while reducing the

associated pain. Barkan Pharma strongly believes that this product will be accepted by the East

European countries and then by the markets in the rest of the world. To ensure fast market acceptance,

the Barkan Pharma will conduct advertisement campaigns and develop market education programs

targeting gynecologists and physicians in maternity hospitals.



























Vaginal Raviset® Suppositories - 6 units /box.





















Vaginal Raviset® tablets -a blister pack of 8 tablets and one intra vaginal applicator.









Two preliminary efficacy clinical trials have been conducted with positive results.


The drug is registered in Moldova.


Raviset® in both formulations, as suppositories and vaginal tablets, is a new drug with a unique

mechanism of action. The indication as yet has no clinical remedy, and therefore it addresses a vast

untapped market.


The intra-vaginal tablet formulation is distinctive and was found to be very effective.


Patients will find it both easy to use and relatively quick to resolve the medical condition.


The IP position is very strong, since this is a new application.

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